Biomorphic Clocks

Material and process:

Slip cast high fired earthenware. Matt zinc glazes.

Numbers produced:

Different clocks were produced in different numbers.  From a few of some designs, through to high tens and low hundreds.  Most produced in a few colours. Electric Blue, yellow, lime green, turquoise.


This was a style of work conceived in 1994 and made for a few years until the early 2000’s.  It evolved from a trip around Europe where some of the main design influences were some of the decorative details of Gaudi’s Architectural buildings in Barcelona and the work of Miro. Also a few trip to the Auckland Museum to study Polynesian weaponry.


Ceramic design by



1995 - 2002

Originally designed in the form of a comet, after a mid nineties visit by a comet over New Zealand.  It was turned on it’s side and renamed a crown or comb clock.  But it was able to be hung either way.  This was produced in volumes in the low hundreds.

This had the working title of the cloud clock. There were a few made but a technical issues stopped them going into full production.

I didn’t really name these clocks but it was known in the studio and for ordering purposes as the blobby or the splash clock.  It was produced in a range of colours but mostly the two colours shown above. 

This was produced in volumes in the low hundreds.

retrospective designs


You have got to love a bit of product placement. Here in the 1990's soap "City Life"