Two Barb Bra,

With Love

Material and process:

Internal heavy bendable wire (recycled wire coat hangers) gives this it’s structural strength. Around that wire form is electrical conduit, covered with dacron and a metallic fabric.

On the back of the bra is a red dacron filled heart form.


My partner Susan Newby and I worked on this together, from concept to realisation. Sue and I had been professional potters/ceramic designers but raising a family meant this is the first piece of 3D design work we have made in over ten years and the first we have ever worked on together.

The work was purchased by WOW for their permanent collection.

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Two Barb Bra, With Love

A typical Kiwi love story.

A Kiwi bloke’s barbed facade revealing a hidden heart.


The work relates to how the Kiwi male is perceived to have a guarded exterior.  Hiding his heart behind a barbed facade. 

The concept also translates to those he gives his heart to.  The barbs a sign of security for ones loved ones. 

The obvious play on words in the title is an insight into an implied story of love.

Two barb bra, with love.

To Barbara with love.

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2012 Brancott Estate

World of WearableArt Awards.

Bizarre Bra Section 
“Runner up”

Bizarre Bra Book

There is a new book out that features our bra. It supports a wonderful cause with 20% of the sale proceeds going to The Breast Cancer Research Trust.

Available from WOW or all good book shops